Going Away on Vacation?

We offer a 10% discount on all Vacations over 2 Days.

Overnite available upon request:
Call for Details

Includes: Plant Watering, Mail Pick up, Light turned on and off, Poop removal, Any other requests welcome!

For Every 10 Sessions get an equal 1 free!
All Prices Include up to 2 Animals at no extra charge.
30 Min Dog Walk and play (feed and water)

1hr Walk and Play Date (feed and water)

2 hour Dog Park Trip (Levels Rd or Iron Hill) Water Provided

2 Hour Hike (Fairhill, Lums Pond) Water Provided

Doggy Day Care (Walks, Doggy Park, Snack Time, Nap time if needed, Basic Obedience

Vacation Package (Day care daily or 3 daily 1 hour walks)

Cats and other Critters

30 Min Cat Visit ( Included fresh food and water, litter box cleaning, and stimulating play)

30 min Little Critters (Include food and water, cage cleaning)


30 min Bird Visit (Included fresh food and water

1 hr Bird Visit (Fresh Food and Water, Cage Cleaning, Special diet preperations if needed, Play time)

Dog Prices
New Puppy Owners

We are offering all Day Puppy Day Care (includes socialization with other puppies, Basic obedience, Reinforcement house training on YOUR schedule, Puppy Park, Food and Water, a nap and lots of hugs and kisses.

** All puppies must be fully vaccinated, bordetella and Rabies***
15 Min Visit (Great for older Dogs)